Hi, we’re The Factory.

We're a music composition studio located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Think of a theme song from your childhood. A song you can still hum and sing years after you've grown up. Remember your favourite songs? We make songs like that.

Our experience with creating memorable music include some of the most popular theme songs in the region, like BoBoiBoy, Didi and Friends, Upin & Ipin, Omar & Hana and many others. We've worked with Disney to create the theme songs for Club Mickey Mouse and Wizards of Warna Walk. Some of the most memorable theme songs in our corner of the world are made by us.
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Our film scores are also very well-loved. We've scored the music to some of Malaysia's biggest animated movies, from Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula (featuring Upin & Ipin) to 2019's BoBoiBoy The Movie 2 (we also scored the first movie). We're big film score geeks and we’re passionate about making them sound right.
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We've also good at making crazy viral songs and videos. Millions and millions of people have watched our videos, sung our songs and shared them with their friends.
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Yuri Wong Founder and Creative Director

Yuri's expertise in creating memorable and catchy tunes has made him known as the music composer of some of the most popular theme songs.

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Theme Songs

Catchy songs that help make your show iconic and memorable.

Kids from Indonesia to Vietnam know the line well: “Bo­BoiBOYYY!” Judging from the number of cover versions created on YouTube, we can tell that this one really connected to the audience. Our own making-­of video for the song has more than 2 Million YouTube views.

With more than 1 Billion views and 2 Million subscribers on YouTube, Didi and Friends is the region's most popular children's song channel. Our beloved theme song captures the cheery and adventurous vibe of Didi, Nana and Jojo.

Another regional hit on YouTube and TV, our theme song for Omar & Hana was created with a fun a lighthearted vibe to appeal to young audiences worldwide.

One of our most recognisable theme songs for one of Malaysia’s most famous animation exports. The song was so popular that the Indonesian band Padi created a single based upon our theme song.

Disney's exciting show about a family of Magic called for a happy, magical melody. We composed and produced the upbeat pop track featuring Dyan Trisha on vocals.

We created this K-Pop inspired theme song to bring out the wacky personalities of the two main characters of the show. Going by viewer comments, they love it!

We wrote and produced this theme song for the popular TV series featuring Altimet & Liyana Jasmay. It’s gathered more than 2 million YouTube views with thousands of shares. The studio liked it so much that it commissioned us to do another song for Season 2, which has also proven highly popular.

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Film Scores

Our music has helped set the emotional tone for some of the most popular movies in Malaysia.

Both films broke records at the box office (the sequel is the highest-grossing Malaysian animated movie ever), and the scores received accolades from audiences and critics alike.

An icon of Malaysian animated films. The music score got us a nomination at the Malaysian Film Festival for Best Original Score.

Kids and parents alike enjoyed this highly popular movie, with our music bringing the fun and enjoyment to the cinemas.

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Brand Songs

We make jingles that sound like singles.

To help make Burger King’s ‘Rock It’ fries-in-a-cup a memorable product, we created a ‘cup song’ that the audience could perform using sounds from the fries in the cups, all wrapped up in a catchy pop­ rock track and a fun concept video.

We wrote this track as a tribute to Malaysians, and they loved it. Commissioned by Guinness in celebration of Arthur’s Day, the track served as a ‘call to communion’ for Guinness lovers to get together for a pint (or five). We also produced the music video for the track, with images paying homage to life in Kuala Lumpur.

For Chivas Regal, we created a track that oozed cool, featuring international rapper Majestik and beautiful songstress Bihzhu; their vocals and the beats came together beautifully, just like a good blended whisky.

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